The Land, The Sky

Out of this land, I will rise,

Out of the sky, I will fly--

From hand to hand,

From heart to heart,

I will be waiting for a fresh start.


Who will be there to watch me,

When I command my ground?

Who will be there to stop me,

When the sky, I astound?


Will you be there to land your hand?

Will you be there to watch the blueness of the sky?

I will be here writing my life in the sand,

I will be here, letting my life float by, without a lie.


I want to stretch my fingers high,

I want to reach low and touch the Earth, so alive,

The smell of new comes to me, without deny,

For the highest cloud I will strive.


Come see me, I am part of you,

Come near me, I can see all,

Come feel me, I am something new,

Come cherish me, from this cloud of Earth,

I will never fall.

The End

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