The Lady of Scarlet

There! Ahead!
As your vision comes to be
Daylight strikes and you now see
The colourlessness you know.
Solitude from walls like snow,
Confusion fed from grey skies,
And a door so black it cries.
And be it all you have known
For colour you’ve ne’er been shown
‘til one day so ever true
You make goals-- you see them through--
To step outside, find someone
To love and hold. Life’s begun!
O! The world is filled with black.
The people, they want light back.
They seek to imbibe in it
Leaving you to feel unlit
So you scurry and hurry
Back to your room, but worry.
Behind you, you get the sense
Of some kind of strange presence
Gyrating you come to see
What no one thought it could be
O! The tales weren’t a varlet
It’s The Lady of Scarlet
Swiftly she slithers right past
Bleaching what The Others cast
Onto you in shades of coal
Bringing back the state of whole.
She returns not for two years
When your world is filled with tears.
Ev’rything you touch turns black
Too often you’ve seen attack
She lights up the room so bright
Filling it with up with delight
You peer outside and at last
Sight! Future, present and past.
So many have felt her touch
She lingers behind so much.
Could red be more black than white?
The Others have so much light
Though they appear not purer.
You must become the curer.

Lo! You must find purity
And procure security.
You must—you must—restore
White walls, grey clouds, black door
White walls, grey clouds, black door
Childhood where are you, for:
I am being haunted by—
By The Lady of Scarlet.

The End

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