The Labyrinth Of Suffering

the labyrinth of suffering is our mind.
we're trapped in our mind, and its hard for some people to escape the negative thoughts especially those who are mentally ill, or suffering from depression.
this poem gives an insight to what i feel, a cry for help.

How do i ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering! 
day by day, im trapped with a dead end of remembering... 
could it be, that the only escape i must do... 
to find luxury in death, a sleep that's so true?.. 

i run through the maze, with pain as my enemy.. 
the labyrinth so hard to escape, a thick fog... who sees? 
RUN for my life, i dont even know whats love.. 
the love i had, is dancing in the wind up above. 

sickened by my past, survival of the very fittest.... 
the labyrinth of suffering.. how.. How do i escape it??? 
the walls talk, but it sounds more like wailing.. 
so i sit, cant move on... im here still waiting.. 

Please! help! i dont know who i am anymore.. 
my insanity, my madness, is all i ever know! 
i compare hell, and this labyrinth to see which ones worse... 
the real hell.. 
inside my head... 
the labyrinth is just a curse... 

please tell me... tell me how do i escape??? 
im running out of options and its getting too late.. 
Tell me, please tell me, what this plot is all about.. 
im in this labyrinth.. please tell me how to get out... 

The End

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