The Kingdom of War

As the grasp of the cloud clinches the earth,

The world being crumbled by war.

A memorial set back by history,

For the days that have already past.

As a silver bullet hits its unconscious target,

Doom and death strikes.

As this plaque is set into the wood,

A language changed on stone images alike.

An unknown chapter has been unlocked,

For a path that is secret.

Carved rock,

Pointing tree,

Purpose peace.

As tree turns to bark,

So goes the past.

Life of creatures,

Beauty of leaves.

On the head of a hill,

A giant will lives,

His lounging chair.



Sitting tall and proud.

Face of anger.

Fists of throbbing red,

Aggravated by fighting,

Isolated from fatality,

As the graves of wood are buried in ground,

At the eve of solitude.

As the darkness turns over,

The sun glides away,

A life full of pride,

The day filled by jealousy

Then night,

A mystery.

As the moon takes its crescent form

The world becomes silent,

In a deep slumber,

Surviving a harsh sleep.

The End

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