Industrial Diamond 1 - Model 665Mature

Brittle chambers of sparkling nothingness

Collapse in on themselves,

A collision of artificial rainbows.

Facetted as fire-edged insect eyes.

Watery sunlight seeping through a world of ice.


Thin walls bleed calcite as they drown in blood.

Sands of glass, washed away in a wave of crimson,

Every scratch in your band of blackening silver

Fills like a void, a chasm of red.


Manifesting in some brutal abyss

Of cold, grinding stone, your guardian angel forms,

Numb and unresponsive, but

You lust for her unforgiving glitter.


Seeking opulence in her cold security,

You discarded your hardening heart.

It was nothing but a pulsating lump

Of rose-quartz,

Weighing down your true and fading colours.

Decadence of desire.


Now your veins have been opened by diamonds,

A shell of carnelian builds from dehumanized blood.

Blades hack at your jewel-studded throat,

Execution day, your feelings were fool's gold.

A pyrite soul evaporates.


But to your splintering heart it's all the same.

The End

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