The Karmic Spider

One of my older poems, tweaked for better rhythm, word choice and overall tastiness.
I remember staying at a hotel one time and narrowly missing a huge spider I aimed to kill. Later, it was back, crawling up the wall near me. My mom dubbed it "The Karmic Spider" and inspiration struck.

Small and vengeful, see it jitter?
Across your wall, intentions bitter
Coming toward you for what you did
Those terrible things you thought you hid
The Karmic Spider, it's approaching, slowly
A beacon made by deeds unholy
As time goes on it gains on you
Not even giving a single clue.

Mandibles scissoring, needle fangs poised
Reaching your bedside without a noise
It knows what you did and it knows what to do
The Karmic Spider will be the end of you.

Venom potent, agenda hidden
To the prey that it has smitten
Guilt will be coursing through your veins
The night will rejoice when you feel the pains

No one will see, no one will hear
The bite will feel mild but damage, severe
This arachnid arrived to collect a debt
From the worst of people as they slept
Even knowing of the crimes they commit
There will not be time to have a fit
Soon it will be far too late
The Spider will come; Fate is Fate.

The End

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