The jungle of the mind

Anything can happen in dreams, and the foundations of hope lie within us. All our creations began with a dream. It began in mysterious caves and dense forests, and part of us is still there.

Within the dreams of a troubled world

A wondrous plan at times unfurls.

Where one acts upon the high desires

To quell the raging inner fires.


Beyond our life, a memory.

Gaze even deeper, we will see.

Emerald green, a canopy

Cascading water, fantasy

Fluid things of strange design

Thriving in our jungle of the mind.


Things that leap and swim and fly

Here our dreams whiz quickly by

Catch them if you can, my friend

You know you want it, don’t pretend.


Crystal caves, rainbow fish

Beings that grant your every wish

Beneath the water, we shall see

A distant, primal memory

Transcendence of reality.


When we wander in these places

All explored by many races

Ideas take on their own sweet lives

In our jungle of the mind.


When we speak, they reply

When we sing, they soar high

When we weep, they too cry

In our jungle of the mind.


Golden flowers, thinking trees

Scrolls of wisdom, spirit keys

Beyond the call of savagery

In this light we can roam free.


Show the world what you have seen

They’ll remember, vague yet keen

Of high desires, tranquility

An eternal blissful memory

A haven where the soul can flee.

 Yet even in paradise comes a voice

Asking for unwanted choice

Your troubles call you, true and real

Things you do not wish to feel.


All at once, the dream dissolves

Your hope of freedom soon devolves

Why are we even here at all?

When and why did our kind fall?


Yet there is a point to this reprieve

A purpose we may not believe

A higher point we cannot leave

A light we must find and receive.


For the sake of humankind

Leave the jungle of the mind.

And vital imprints you can find

Of love, to which our world can bind.







The End

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