The Juliet Wretch

Blow his heart out

Like a candle, leave him opalescent and 

Waning, a lily, waxy and ailing for every time he sent you 

To your blank, heaving Tylenol seas. 


You're so heavenly monochromatic,

Faded fairy-girl, washed out and 

Drained out and bled all her dreams out,

All tragic eyes,

So Shakespearean, so endearing,

I will crush you, Juliet,

I'll pull all your petals off 

Because you know he loves me not. 


You can chew all you want on your bloodless lips,

'Til I lacerate what your silk mouthful of pearls can't cut,

But don't you dare think I can't loathe the pretty,

 Don't pray that my awe could make me fear you, 

'Cause Sephora won't save you from what I will do.


The End

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