The Journey into Paradise

I wrote this following the death of my Great Grandad- Charles 'Ivor' Middleton. This is my poem for his memory...I read it out as part of his funeral service.

The night clouds form across the sky,

Warm and cosy ben linen wraps the body;

We draw across the cold curtains

And wind the clock back to the end.


Eyes are flickering to a close,

Memories dancing through our minds;

All of heaven smiles down upon us

As they clear space in the clouds.


There are rows of bustling rooms,

Running along an empty corridor;

They turn, we see each face again

Before the journey into paradise.


Quiet footsteps take the leap,

Travelled by many before;

At the end there is a blazing light

Brighter than every sunrise of dawn.


Rivers are flooded with falling tears,

But we embrace in comforting arms;

Yet we will see each loving face again

In the bright light of tomorrow’s morning…

The End

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