The journey

A poem about the struggles we go through in life making a name for ourselves and the things we can and will overcome in day to day situations to help motivate those who struggle to find away to get through it all. Hope you enjoy

We climb vigorously among the most treacherous of mountains
In a clouded fit of desperation
to find what nobody is even certain they're actually looking for
Our minds and bones broken fighting through such arduous onset hesitation
Waiting for someone else to come and show us an open door
We Paint trails for those yet to come marked by our pain and exasperation
Illustrating all that we've found so far in the ways we express our hatred

for our own disdain complication

We Search for What we know 

to be nothing more
than a simple fortuitous mystery
Hoping that some how
through all the false hope all the pain and the sympathy
That we will some how design for ourselves
some form of entitling history
Cataloging the simple pleasures
and unforeseen hardships
To save as excerpts of memories
So that we can save our selves down the road
with these arbitrary remedies
We search Our beaten minds
like poorly stitched together directories
Playing out parts of our past
like they've become scattered documentaries
And This journey is everlasting
these mountain tops
stretch higher and higher and higher
Yet we willingly press on
we long and we hope
we thirst and we desire
With barely any ability
To reach the top
But we will reach the top
And We will search nonstop
To find our unwarranted
sought out destinations
we spend our nights wandering under a pattern of illusive constellations
Have no fear they cry out
Be not afraid of what may come
These journeys we embark on
will beat down on us like drums
And though some
May never have what it takes
to overcome
we will try our hardest
never to become the ones
Who lose ourselves on this path
or let our journeys be undone
We will not let what we've endured go untold or be unsung
Though We waiver through the pain
and we wilt under the strife
We cope with each and every burden piled upon us throughout life
And we fight through these hardships
we are warriors and we will rise
Or at least when we die
let it be known that we sure as hell tried
This Life is a journey from birth until death
A mysterious story
Full of devils and tests
Our actions and philosophies a testament to the rest
Of what young minds and brave hearts have gone through to invest
To make sure that nothing is forgotten
And no thought is unaddressed
To ensure That no pain go unnoticed
and that no word is unconfessed
We are the journeyers
the seekers
the weak and weary wanderers
Explorers of our destinies
the storytellers
and the conquerors
We've made it this far
through the trials and the monstrous
Seen what few only dream of
and what others thought preposterous
And We to are dreamers
the ones who dared to be different
We ignore those that scoff
and turn our cheeks to the ignorant
Cuz Nothing is ever fair
nothings gained if not persistent
And nothing's ever found
If not one can be diligent
We fight bravely through the fire
And We dance gracefully in the rain
We struggle and we venture until every obstacle is slain
And we will not stop until we dreamers are remembered by our names
Cuz life is a journey and a battle
not a game

The End

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