The Jester

Dude finds out his lady is cheating on him, when the other dude tags her on pics on Facebook.......

The Jester

Against a backdrop such muddy terrain, once marked by bliss, the quip Jester disdain.

Subdued in silence in laughter they went, pictures of glee, conspicuous gent.

What had it been, what made him look, was it the myths, the lies, that fabled book?  

What was it you saw in mirror when looked, besides the fooled clown, that ridiculed frown, 


Confronted, misled small effort to cope, succulent lips her essence to grope.  

Fictitious in theory unmerited trust, revel in fables hankered by lust     

   Detached in spite as a prisoner might, held without bail such trivial tale. 

Crushed hand-rolled cigarettes, expending thin air, consumed by doubt, desolate stare,         

Feigned subsists diverged by stance, Awoken from dream, Invented romance.
































The End

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