The Irrelevant Reverend

Just a random bit of inspiration that ended up getting rather personal.

As a boy
I used to call him
The irrelevant reverend,
Since all that
Nonsense he preached
Never ever reached
Little old me.

You see,
Of all those emotions
He was provoking
As he spoke in tongues
To the gathered young
I… well I felt none.

Not one.

I followed my own rules,
I used my own tools
To lead a good life,
To do what was right.
I had no time for holy fools
Who placed all their marbles
In words that had been garbled
For centuries.

But then it came to me
Not too long ago
During a mental valley
That I turned to God
To see me through
When life got flawed.
It was something I could do
While sitting on a bus,
There was no need for a pew.

And I thought:
The reverend
Wasn’t so irrelevant
After all.

You still won’t find me
In church on Sundays;
And I’m not getting down
On my knees to pray.
And who says
You have to kneel
To speak to God

But when I walk
Through the park
We’ll have a talk.
And when the lights
Go down
On lonely nights
We just might
Have a consultation.

No exaltations
Just a few words
In private
With someone
Who may
Or may not
Be there.

But I guess
In the end
It doesn’t matter
If I’m speaking
To God on high
Or nothing
But air.

Since I always
Feel so much
After we’ve exchanged
Our thoughtful

The End

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