The Invitation

This is a captive bird's view of how mankind can treat those he captures and cages. It is the sad insight into the life and emotions of a caged, lonely, misunderstood large captive parrot.


Here's an invitation
That many have declined.
step close, look deep in to my eyes,
And see the real man kind.

Within my eyes, you'll see my soul,
And you'll come face to face,
With the selfish greed and ignorance
Of your kind, the Human Race.

can you see that feathered angel?
That appealing, dancing clown?
Look closer! Can you also see
The way her broken wing hangs down?

behold those gorgeous feathers,
That your human eyes adore!
Now see those bloodied, shredded ones
Disgarded on the floor.

See the gilded prison
Where she stays without a choice.
See the scar upon her throat
Where they took away her voice.

Keep looking, if you dare, look deep!
More horror lies behind.
My soul reflects the cruelty
Of the race they call man'kind'.

See the beak thats split in half,
See the silent agony.
The pathetic attempt to shell a nut
That fails, so miserably.

Watch and see how beauty fades,
Becomes a shadow of the past.
See those tears on feathered cheeks,
As darkness comes, at last.

Its time for me to fly now,
And leave all my pain behind.
With you, I leave this insight
to the breed they call mankind.

By Anne.M.Kenyon
On behalf of the forgotten ones

The End

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