The Insane & The Hollow


The room laid grey and empty,

With just a shivering body on the floor

He ripped in his hair, as tears ran from the wide open mirrors

He screamed, he laughed

He cried


Blood shattered eyes who twitched in despair

Glistened of insanity and madness

The echoes of his mind summoned the cold autumn

The storm and the wind, blew just as hard

The leaves swirled violent in his head


And he yelled, for his soul to leave him alone

Out to the solid walls, his shallow voice ran

He twitched on his knees,

As spasms walked allover his fragile nerves


The snow started twirling outside,

And in stalked whispers of frost

With his pale hand he hit the floor planks

And cursed his haunting spirit

The End

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