The Inner Desire

There was a girl with wispy hair
with vivid green eyes, a fixated stare
to us, she's looking into air
but she is glaring at her Claire

Claire only exists in Lena's head
as frightening as monsters under your bed
She'd curl your stomach, freeze your mind
She is the shiver down your spine

Lena throws back hours like cheap liquor
Claire's resentment makes her sicker
Her desire to hurt is spawned from Claire
Her self worth is shaken bare

With the click of a lock, Lena starts to cry
She crosses her heart and hopes to die
a melody of toxic treats
she wipes the tears off of her cheeks

She grabs a blade of stainless steel
she glances back, Claire looks so real
Lena only wants her death
as she sucks in a steady breath...

A banging on the bathroom door
they found her on the tiled floor
the blade shines in the morning sun
on the mirror, in blood, is written "Claire Won"

The End

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