the impossible man

See title? Read poem. Self-explanatory.

When I was younger, my mother told me
The world is full of uncertainty
But you can be whatever you want to be
Yes, you can choose to be whomever, you see
Though all the world insists it's an impossibility.

When I got older, I started to doubt
And where could I turn? Where could I go now?
I tossed and I turned, trying to find a way in
Thinking and thinking, but I was told who I wanted to be was a sin.
It stands out too much, they said, it'll make you too different.

It's impossible, they told me, now leave it alone
You'll only get hurt and your actions cannot be condoned.
I thought to myself, diversity and change are acceptable when?
But if to do what I wish is "impossible," then
Perhaps I must be one of the impossible men.

The following problem has kept me up nights:
Society often forgets one desperate truth in their lies -
We evolve and we change, or we stagnate and die.
Now it's apparent to me that we seem to depend
Entirely too much on others to be the impossible men.

Who but us can bring change in our lives?
Are we to wait forever, behind a mask and disguise
When what we need is to face front and confront
These shadows, this disease, this careless affront
To what we knew as a child was right?

So I leave off for now with this knocking about, just knocking about in my head:
Follow your dreams, she always said.
Follow your dreams to the end.
The end of what, who knows, my dear -
But we are the impossible men.

The End

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