The Importance Of The Senses

Try living with your eyes closed,
Seeing nothing but a blissful bareness.
For the world will gain some depth and meaning,
When you lose all conceitedness.

Try living with you mouth sewn shut,
Only hearing the world's rhythm.
For you'll learn a lot and become more wiser,
When you listen and realise it's venom.

Try living with your limbs detatched,
Relying only on others around you.
For you'll notice mankind's natural compassion,
When you ignore the ignorant and rude.

Try living with your ears covered,
Being deaf to life's obscenities.
For your mind will remain delicate and pure,
When you can't hear cruel perversities.

Try living with the mind of a child,
Believing in magic, fables and the unseen.
For there'll be no hatred or discrimination,
Playing equally in a dream.

The End

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