The Importance Of Names

Shaking, fall into these ashes
These are the memories of when we were younger
These are the memories of our kisses, our smiles
Lying your life away.
This is the sound of fifty men, drawing their swords
And this is the sound of my last breath.

We exist only in different times 
And when the clock strikes three, we can melt
Melt into a disastrous monstrosity.

So slip away, knit your lips together
Shut. Silence.
We have made our stand, we have died and brought everyone to their knees.
Everyone cries in disgust

And, if loneliness were embodied,
Their cold fingers would grip my throat, 
But I'd be laughing. Oh, how I'd laugh.

This is the remedy for my illness
And my illness was you.
You, you let me in.
I hate you for that, but never forget that smile.
For that smile was wonder. Wonder itself.

I'm on my way to the top, and slowly my grin extends
Soon I could wrap the world in this suffocating silence,
And we'd all remember what apologies were made for

Oh, moments like these, like these,
They don't come cheap, but here we go.
I'm diving in, and the water is sweet,
Like a slap, it hits me, and all pours out
Tears slip down my cheeks, and the corner gapes open, to invite me in.

So slip away, slide away, like the snakes I saw you as.

Your words can't cut me anymore;
There is no below the belt when you're at rock bottom. 

The End

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