The Idea of Chaos at Key West

A lament to Wallace Stevens about his beautiful Key West and the oil spill :'(

He sang the song of the sea,
He sang with a sparkling voice,
Until everyone delighted in the glimmers of the sea,
That were also glimmers of his mind.

Upon his passing his sea lived on,
His world and his words bobbing in the drift
The pale face of Ramon Hernandez
Still pressed against the two way mirror of his work
Watching the hot lights dance atop the cool gentle waves.

But the cool waves had seen their light
And been covered with floating red paste
The singer's song muffled by smothering
The smolder of light suffocated by the pillow
Bobbing in the drift

Oh how the singer would cry for his muse
Buried in hapless lustless rusty crude
Killer smotherer of the lights that evoked
A midnight post-gasp sigh
From the singer who created his songstress
from one of his ribs to herald the sea for his muted lips.

Ramon Hernandez, tell me now,
How would our shared singer moan with woe
To see the sea's  sparkling face and softly shapen body
bloodied, dripping on to the gentle shores of her final bed deep
The lights that used to sparkle on her hushed
Staring at the horror
unable to turn and look away?

The End

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