royalty of winter

frozen sunlight
thrown across hardwood floors
filtered through discarded glasses
and beaming down in warm orange rays

her skin is melting
slowly, slowly, 
the progression of a lethargic turtle
slowly, slowly,
the world melts to liquid

as icy chunks slide down her arms, 
moulded in the shape of her collarbone
and thudding to the ground with a certain finality
as bare skin is revealed underneath all the cold

lips that curve with cruelty, 
fingers that do not comfort,
these things are defrosting, 
becoming pleasant once more

yes, ice is cold and calculated
it is not nice nor kind, 
yet there is a beauty to frozen things
that i have not appreciated
in a very long time

windows shimmer with frost
in the midday sun
as pretty patterns play
on the cat's thick brown fur

emerald eyes stare through
colored glass panes 
and seek snow behind the layer of
separateness from the wind

it still snows outside,
an oblique blanket of frostbite
waiting for tender fingertips
and exposed knees

breath billows in sails of warmth
distinctive in the clear air
yet the faraway skyscrapers
still buzz with mirth below the fog

melting, molting,
we are new
and she is born anew
in the morning light

because while ice may be beautiful,
it is also cruel to young girls
and genderqueer teenagers 
so this is a gift of naming

because the air never turned my lips blue,
or sunk my calves in snow,
instead the air buffered my lungs
and flooded the open sky.

still a queen in attitude,
this a demotion and a promotion
step down from your pedestal -
come live in the real world with me.

The End

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