The ice Angel

    • She sat on a pedestal like stone glass.
    • She was made of glimmering
    • material of green and blue
    • made of glass 
    • .She loved to have her body touched
    • by the morning  sun
    • darkness of winter time made
    •  Her heart yearns for the spring sun.
    • It was a dream
    • she had to be real,
    • but that was not to happen
    • As she was made of glass.
    • We mortals always wish for
    • What we do not have.
    • who's know what inanimate objects yearn
    • For perhaps that is what they do?
    • She pondered in her unwillingness
    • To conform, but if she was real.
    • She would have a  multitude of
    • problems
    • more than just having  a brightness
    • that   reflected threw the sunlight
    • when there was winter
    • This was her choice not to change,


By Joyce Lancaster & Richard Edwards

The End

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