The Hypocrite

Sort of a rant

I don't get it
Why is it that when I have a problem
You tell me to Google the answer?
I thought maybe
You would've given up some time to see
Whether or not I was okay

Your apology
Means nothing
It's full of lies,
Obvious lies
I don't see
Why you
Couldn't even try
Your apology
Means nothing to me

"Majority rules"
At least that's what you tell yourself
Because you're Ms. Popularity
What bull
You're just a brown nose with
a head spouting empty hopes of getting PHDs

All that swagger
You claim to have isn't fooling me
It's just as obvious as your so-called apology
Empty beer cans
What else did you expect from letting yourself go
Deep into the corners of sugar-coated deception?

"You're a hypocrite!"
So what if I am?
At least I know how to hold a dog with a leash
All you do is play fetch
And run back and forth

"You have no right!"
Hey, man
I'm only pointing out the flaws
So you can work on them

If anything, I should be furious
Throwing my fists like a child
Yelling at their mother
To turn the t.v. back on

"If anything, you had no right!"
At least, that's what I want to say
You messed with my life
You told me you loved me
And left me out in the dust
You let me become a monster,
Trying to break out of the frames
of the cage those doctors put me in,
Keeping the key so that I'll stay
In therapy
And be their experiment

"If anything, you had no right!"
At least, that's what I would say
But look at you
You're a monster, too
If I told you how I felt

I'd be a hypocrite

The End

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