The Hunter

They never think you can do $&$$

The way you hunt the man with the guns

You don’t think

Think about the consequences

The consequences that your actions

Your forthright passions

These passions that are keeping you on the move

In the here and now

And what keeps you hunting

When the things you hunt cause your crashing down

Down into a world so far deep in self regret and moral reject

That you keep running deeper to keep away from what you’ve already caused

And no I don’t really know

Are you ever going to stop?

Stop and think to make a plan of how to get out

Out of the gutter on that street that nobody ever thinks to enter

Because this trail that you’re leading yourself down

Is filled with self shame and longing

Longing for what you lost in trying to get away from yourself

But now I see

See that you couldn’t bring yourself to stop and think

Because you were scared

Scared in a world that abused your love

And slipped newspapers under your doorstep of fearfulness and defeat

But that won’t happen if you let me help you

Help you in your troubles unworthy to be concrete

And I will shield you from the darkness that if you stop

I can help you defeat

The End

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