The HunterMature

About a man who feels he must possess a woman's love whatever the cost (I hope this isn't too much) viewers of a sensitive disposition look away now!!

Under the cover of the moon/

I stalk the night/

hidden amongst the trees


I see her face/

a bloodlust rekindled/

a fire blazes to life inside me/

I know now that I need her/

no matter what it takes


This path bears whispers/

carried on the wind/

warnings, messages from nightwatchmen/

urging me to find my way homewards


I see her face/

my footsteps softened by leaves/

I approach her, closer/

go now, move out of the trees/

I know I must destroy her


Too late/to stop this fate/

A arm clasped around me/

and a burst of strength/

a coldness rises inside me/

I feel nothing but the void


In blissful trance/

a face as beautiful as the dawn/

but I will rip through her light/

like a maelstrom/

and she will wish/

that she was never born

The End

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