The human tree

Humans are like trees, when someone influences their lives (or cut's into the tree), they're never the same after. 

The person who gets into the life of another leaves a mark that neither person will forget.  

Occasionally, when the person is taken out of the life, the tree (or person) will "cry".

To the person who left, it may seem like an instant, but to the tree, it seems like a life time.

There are exceptions when both people live a life time in grief, however, like the tree's branch whacking the person in the head as he/she leaves.

Either way, what was done was done, and there is no way to forget the experiences shared between the two.

No matter what neither the tree or the person's lives will be the same, sometimes for the better, but sometimes for worse.

I am so glad for those people who have influenced my life, for better or for worse; they have helped me learn to love and to forgive.

I'm also sad for those who have left my life, and often wonder if I have done my best to make my memories good ones in their lives.

I also long for some people's presences to be back in my life, but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.

Thanks to everyone, for just being yourselves.

You're all awesome, and have so much potential as humans to do whatever it is you want to do.

Don't ever think otherwise.

The End

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