The Human

The effect of humans on the everglades.

People are more dangerous to crocodiles than we are to them . People endanger crocodiles by obtaining and developing the habitats that they depend on to survive. Then we complain when they go for midnight swims in  the swimming  pools that used to be their rivers and marshes.



Beware the eyes, 

walking along,

two legs , 

long and firm , 

stamping feet, 

droolign mouths,

Beware those things,

that walk around ,

that burn the grass,

and hang the hides. 

 With glemaing teeth,

and wide smiles.


Beware the eyes,

wide and ready , 

too big for it's mouth , 

gobbling up the ground, the sea, the air.

 Standing on the edge, 

dangling meat .


Little scales, 

beware the eyes, 

with rods swinging, 

pulling the fins from the water. 

Little scales, 

dive away from the boats,

with hissing things, and turning 

gray leaves, 

little scales avoid the eyes,

with thick lashes, 

colored claws, 

drifting hair.

Little scales, 

Little scales,

that thing with eyes,

and long, firm legs, 

stamping out the world,

burnign the grass,

claiming with war. 

The End

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