The House of Eden and the Forbidden Door

I love the idea of life as a giant house, with unlimited doors and choices. I took that thought and mixed it with elements of the story of the Garden of Eden, with the forbidden fruit as a door. Simple words, complex message. An easy and fun read.

Walking through my House of Knowledge 

I came upon a door. 

The words that ran across the top 

I had not read before.


"Because I love you, 

you must not go 

behind this door, 

I beg you so. 

This house I gave 

for you to see, 

but past this door 

you can not be. 

Please don't wonder, 

and don't ask why, 

for when you do 

you'll surely die. 

A million rooms 

I gave to thee, 

with millions more 

you have not seen. 

All I ask 

for you to do 

is turn around, 


I love you"


Before I turned, 

from out the frame 

leaped forth a creature 

without a name. 

It looked at me, 

and smiled, 

and said,


"Do you understand the words you've read? 

The message is simple, 

and plain to see, 

behind this door 

you can not be. 

But why is this 

your not to do 

if this great house 

is all for you? 

The Maker says 

you can not go, 

for there are things 

you must not know. 

As for me, 

I live inside 

with all the rest 

It chose to hide. 

Words you've not heard. 

Sights you've not seen. 



and 'Grief', 

I know what they mean. 

You're made in It's image, 

yet kept out of here. 

Does this not seem strange? 

For what can It fear?

Immortal are we, 

the Maker and me. 

If you want to be too, 

you know what to do. 

Just follow me in, 

and I'll show you 'Sin'."


I should have heeded 

the words on the door, 

and not the small creature 

that fell to the floor.

I now spend my days 

wondering why 

in order to live, 

I also must die.

I question that which 

I knew to be true. 

Stress free

I once was, 

now doubt what I do.

Before I could break 

a bone and not care, 

but now I ask why 

this life is not fair.

When I was in pain, 

peace I still had, 

but now when I'm pricked, 

I start to get mad.


The lights in the house 

seem to be less bright. 

No longer they shine 

on all It's delight. 

To turn up It's brilliance! 

If only I could 

shed light in this darkness 

that covers the good.


"There's only one way 

to turn things around", 

it said in a note 

I'd recently found. 

"Somewhere in this house 

there stands a great door 

that brings you right back 

to days like before, 

when you did not care

about dying and age, 

or thinking your body 

is more like a cage. 

No more will you curse. 

No longer you'll scream, 

or wake up at night 

in tears from a dream.

All of the hate, 

and all of the lies, 

with all of the anguish 

of woeful goodbyes, 

will all be exposed, 

no longer concealed, 

for behind this great door, 

the truth is revealed."


So here I've been, 

in search of this 

door that leads me 

back to bliss.

I'll write you more 

as I get near 

the door that takes 

away my fear 

of dying young 

or getting old, 

and all the lies 

that I've been told.


So pray my search 

will not take long, 

and ask the Maker 

to keep me strong.



The End

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