The House Across the Street

A boy is seduced by a mysterious figure that dwells in the house across the street.

I lay there,

tossing and turning,

unable to sleep.

I sit straight up

and peer out

the window.

There is a house

across the road

that has been


for many years.

For just a moment,

I glance at

the house

and notice

a figure in

the window.

"What is that?"

I asked the darkness.

"Is that a person?"

I continue to look

and the figure

raises its hand

and beckons me

to go to the house.

I stand, as if 

someone has control

of my body,

and leave the

comfort of my home

to investigate

the strange shadow.

I open the door

to the old house

and search the

main room

for the shadow.

Yet, I see

nothing but

the blackness

of night

looking back

at me.

"Hello?" I whisper

into the old house.

The only reply

is the wind

slamming the door

shut behind me.

I jump,

heart pounding

against my rib cage.

I hear a creak

from upstairs.

My senses are

sharpened, tuned

to every small sound

coming from the dark.

"Is anybody there?"

I ask, chills 

running through my spine.

"Up here,"

comes a whisper.

A scream catches

in my throat.

I open my mouth

yet nothing is released.

"Climb the staircase,"

the voice says.

Driven by some

unknown force,

I automatically

climb the stairs

though I've never

been in this house

before this night.

I come to the top

and turn right,

walking into

what seems to be

the master bedroom.

Out of the darkness,

a thing emerges.

It's the figure

who beckoned me

to the house!

I begin to scream,

but the thing

covers my mouth.

It has no face,

no eyes, nose, or mouth.

Nonetheless, it says, 

"You're about to 

meet your maker."

I close my eyes

and never awake.

The End

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