The Hour

Going to be 100% honest in saying that I can't remember if this was a cento or not

I go to my empty room and sit in the corner

As my heart falls into a million pieces again

I start to cry and wonder if anyone will hear

I don't know but I feel so out of touch

My mind is a torrent of confusion and fright

I hide my true self

Asking, begging for comfort

As I slowly go insane


Where nothing is at all what it seems

Reality unwanted, so harsh, fantasies reign

The tears I have cried are a river blue

I don't know why

Everything matters, but nobody cares

How is it you see me but don't acknowledge me


Nothing but dust in the wind, the angel of death carries my sin

Imagination is raped by reason

Only to except the reality of time itself

Time runs by like water

Struck by the waves that washed over me

To realize it wasn't me

The time was wrong but the hour had begun

Veering even closer, Death takes its toll

The End

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