The Hospital at Middlesex

Who doesn`t love Hospitals

The Hospital at Middlesex 

is a dreary, institution,

with budget cuts calling for

``cost effective solutions``


The Resident Dietician there,

weighs four hundred pounds

and works for donuts smuggled in,

and nachos with ground round


The Childrens Ward, sponsored by Ford

has assemblers under nine

and that`s where IV`s administered,

to young workers on the line


And if you`re on the top floor, 

 in need of a chair, with wheels

the cafeteria`s three floors down

You can forget about your meals


The bedside manner is shocking

and I mean that literrally

the new cure, for a common cold

is one thousand volts times three


A Private room will cost much more

but you still have to share your shelf

with the stack of people in your room

you`ll be privately with twelve


The ambulatory services,

are no longer ---- free

To find the number in the book,

Look under ``service``, for `Taxi``


The Morgue`s right next, to the room,

Where they perform their surgery,

the C-E-O got a lively``bonus``

for that efficiency!


The Chief of Staff, now there`s a laugh

this man defies description;

He`s always hooped and in a loop

and writes his own prescriptions


The nicest staff in the place

will greet you on your arrival

they`ll remind you that your Visa Card

is a must for your survival







The End

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