The Horror Poetry Competiton Summer 2010Mature

Alas! It has arrived to seal your doom!

*Cue Spooky Laugh*





Hello and velcome! Please, excuze ze terrible introduction. My laff is not vat it used to be. Oh and never mind ze spelling mistakes, it's just my accent. If you comment on zem I vill fly to your house and zuck your blood!

Ahem. Excuze me. Vear are my manners? My name is Count Protagula. (Hey! No laffing at my name!) I have taken over zis human's account and dezided to open up a horror poetry competiton. I vould of usually vaited until Halloveen - my birffday - but ze lack of horror poetry on zis zite is appauling! The closest fing you have to horror is...vat do you young humans call it today...Emo poetry?

Oh vell! Anyvay, I'm opening up zis competiton to make up for ze lack of horror and blood. Ze closing date for zis vonderful event is 10th September. I know it is short but I'm opening up vun just before Halloveen. You will find ze shortlist and rules in ze Author Guidance. Do not break zem... or I vill come to your house and zuck your blood!

Zat is all.


The End

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