The Holiday Organizer

Shira and Rachel stepped off the bus

And headed toward the mall.

“Rachel” said Shira, “I am dreading this already”

“Don’t worry” said Rachel, “Purim is a wonderful season,

Surely you can find some enjoyment in the preparations!”

“Oh no” said Shira, “I hate the crowds,

The pressure of having to find what I must,

Spending money I’d rather not,

Though it is ultimately for a good purpose

And I will enjoy the results”.

Said Rachel:

“Imagine the look on your little boy’s face

When you bring home the adorable costume he covets

A dashing soldier, a brave policeman, or whatever else he may have dreamt of…

Baskets overflowing with chocolates and wines,

Appreciated by all your neighbors and friends”

She replied with starry eyes.

“Oh yes” said Shira, “I can see what you mean

A festive holiday like Purim should not be overlooked

But it is only followed by Pesach, with yet more errands to run

So that my work will still not be done

Again all the shopping for food and for clothes

Dealing with cleaning the house and all,

This is too stressful for me, my dear,

Wait! I have an idea! This would be perfect for you

And a potential booming business as well-

You could call it ‘Rachel does the worrying for you’

People like me with pre-holiday stress

Could relax knowing that it is all being accomplished

By someone who enjoys the holiday spirit

And doesn’t mind the run-around involved-

What do you think?

Said Rachel with a smile: “That is brilliant my dear,

Let’s think about it next year

In the meantime breathe deeply and you can make it through

And perhaps even enjoy a moment or two?”

The End

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