The Hole Is Filled.

The sharks arrive at dawn
Our death at the sun
We perish soon
We perish in each other's arms

Hold me
Watch our tears
They fall to the ground
The taste of your lips in my mouth

All we have is tonight
Tonight is all, my sweet
One is all we have
And we will be remembered

Regret is a forgotten burden
We have none, we die soon
Our love will be our last
Let them burn in the heat

I love how you act
I love how you smile
I love how you move
I love how you're mine

Who cares what they think
We're dead anyway
We are two souls who have found each other
Two Hearts melted into one 

We slip into a perfect embrace
A hold, I ache for more
I can't contain myself
My Heart will burst, it will

Feel my Heartbeat, it's yours
You hold my life in your palms
Watch me
Watch us

These are our last moments together
It's coming closer
We kiss, we blend into one
Our bodies form together

Look, death comes
This is our farewell
One last time, our lips meet
And we slip away

As I whisper;

The End

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