No Brook for Dealing

The sleeping man began to stir
So the wizard chose to hide.
But some things shadows can't hinder.
The hog man's glare was snide.

"I smell you, sorcerer.
These new talents are a boon.
No gain in coming further,
You're trespass is assumed. 

"I suppose you've come to gather,
What I've taken far from you:
An acorn seed like none other.
But you're too late. We're doomed."

The wizard had an inkling,
Centered in his mind.
It now was clear what had occurred,
No other thought divined.

"Then you devoured the acorn
That you once took from me,
And so I've come to take it back,
And set the ending free."

At this the hogman shouted,
With great ferocious  bulk,
"And so you've come to kill me,
Is that why you now skulk?!

"I will not brook for dealing
With wizards and their kind,
For all I know you were the one
Who caused this curse of mine.

"But now I am in sufferage,
The seed that I did eat,
Refuses to be passed along,
Like a bridal hung on cleats.

"And now I smell you clearer,
And memory is sharp.
I think that I pass happily,
Knowing you might hear death's harp.

"For though you may not quite recall,
Of who I once had been,
I know the steps we've taken,
And where this end begins..."

The End

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