The Hog of Brush Hollow Bog

The Hog of Brush Hollow follows the ongoing life of a man transformed by a gift given freely. Our (reformed?) villain seeks to make amends and find a place to belong. (Read The Tree of Charity for the previous narrative.)

Alas, good things never last,
And so it goes with this too,
The villainous, treacherous wizard
Returned from a perilous doom.

But I remember the tales, my friend,
Of the oh so unscrupulous mage,
And that nothing can change what is written
for an actor of tragedy's stage.

This is the tale of Brush Hollow:
Of Wilderness, Wizard and Hog,
The hunt for a charity acorn,
In a hostile, entropic bog.

The wizard looked out from his campfire,
as it fluttered and blinked in the night,
Casting shadows obliquely around him,
Which greedily swallow the light.

He pressed his hand to his forehead,
Expecting to feel a great heat.
His fears of fever approaching,
He patted his chest with such fleet.

Instantly, sighed and slumped over,
With relief he buried his grief. 
He caressed the acorn as he slept,
Without which his life could be brief.

In the morning he assembled his affects,
 Noting the status of each,
When he spied a curious motley:
"These tracks? My camp had been breached?"

The  course had run from the thicket.
It ran from the grass to the shale. 
It ran through the bag he had bundled,
And stopped where his sleep had derailed.

In a panic, he reached for his treasure--
The acorn that procured his life--
But now there was no seed to study.
Fear gnawed him with furious strife. 

The End

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