Lithium Lovers

The eyes of responsibility stare hard at the righteous saint.

Need a reason to love? Alas history taints the soul

That immortal robber leaves without a trace the bones with the flesh we adore

Until we are sagging by fate’s ball and chain with hideous hearts at the once loved so pure and by our immaturity drives others to find a different cure


A different lithium lover with a key to his or her own hideous heretic heart, which we spate to find.

A thousand fields could not hold my despair, my thoughts drift to emotions, dulled but there like a unfinished poem by Baudelaire


My eyes are open to new possibilities but I’m stuck in last year

How is that any fair that I should have to forcefully focus on the one who ripped apart my brain with the spear of their wit?

When others ask for my talents, all my efforts are in vain

I have no talents because the child spit venom in my eyes

The viper is gone but the mark still remains


Lithium lovers for one another are always needed

To keep the pain impeded and cure each other

A sanctuary in this cold world

All who gather towards us could observe

The lithium lovers for each other

And in our hideous heretic hearts for a start we grow in adoration of our verbal prose

Now my dreams raptured in clouds of brightest obsidian hold the course for another tragedy


I refused to lose a part of me, to someone who never loved me first

The metal of her forced curses crushed my ash sown heart worst

Of course, she held my sacred key to my throat

And left me bleeding out of the carotid artery


But when searching for relief

A siren I believe, came to administer treatment to me and broke through my seethrough coffin

Her song cuts the chains to my self imposed exiled hideous heretic heart

My lithium for another so stressed she can’t enjoy a house party

Repressed guilt kills senses, dulls the lark who bitterly laments the part she plays in Fate’s symphony!


Another is lost in words but loves mine

Sometimes that happens to the best minds in overdrive

So let these words cast over you a spell

If my scrawled rhyming text has helped you face the rest of the string-cutters from hell

Then I too, and others, may be your lithium lovers

The End

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