The Heaviest of Stones

A sort of roundabout way to douse depression and sadness in imagery in medaphors.

I feel the pressure
weighing down on me.
I shut my eyes at the pain it causes,
but moreso how it restricts my life...
I feel the ground cave in around me
as I crash below the floor,
crushing dirt around me
and shattering rocks to dust...
I look up to the sky, so far above me
like peeping through a rabbit-hole
up at the fake world above.
The pressure mounting as my corpse refuses to sink,
like being squished alive
banished and uncared for
like I usually am...
The voices seem so far away,
but they still coo the same sing-song tune.
Whispering profanities with cherub voices,
and eerie choruses pretaining demise...
All these thoughts fill my head
and I shake and tremble to banish them all
but none agree to leave
instead all stay to haunt me.
Screeching after me as I fall further
sinking into the deep abyss...

The End

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