Trouble is Your Middle Name

Here you go again,
Making trouble as you do.
Honestly it baffles me,
What will I do with you?

That playful spark,
That wolfish, naughty grin,
Your quirky little snickers,
That little wrinkle in your chin.

World's only trouble magnet,
I swear it, you must be!
Mischief, mayhem, havoc,
You've got them like the fleas!

A million different mishaps,
They happen every day.
You'll build up elaborate schemes,
Just to watch them go astray!

But still you carry on,
You play it like a game,
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
Trouble is your middle name!

But for all your little quirks,
You're with me till the end.
There's one thing I can't deny,
You're really my  best mate.

The End

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