The Heart's Pen- Poetry

This is The Heart's Pen Poems. Please post in any of your own poems to do with Love, if it be a realtionship love, a family love, missing someone , betrayed by love, regretting, wanting someone ectANYTHING to do with love plonk it in. Sometimes you need to write it to let it out.

My Flaw-

I built a wall.

Not to keep anyone out.

More to see who wondered,

What was on the other side.


Some people made it,

Into my soul.

More because I brought them in.

I wanted them to see Me.


You walked past.

And quite accidentally,

Lightly scratched my surface.

You looked and realised.


There was someone,

Someone underneath

Hidden from hurt and opinion.

You looked behind my defences


You cared to know

Just what I was

Underneath it all

You found me

In the mess,

Of dark and covers.

You broke in ... uninvited

You Loved me.


Nobody before,

Ever tried to see me,

You and your perfect mind,

Found my flaw.


My weakness.

Blue eyes made me,

See in a different light

I love you.

The End

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