The Heart Wanders

I got a new writing set, and wanted to write something, so here is the result, hope you like, again about love :D:D

its a bit unusual, not my usual lovey dovey type of poem, but more of a how i feel when im apart from my amazing fiance, i love you, hope we're back together soon

In the cold light of day, my

heart weeps, it seems.

Longing for days gone by, days

of forgotten hopes and dreams.


It wanders alone, as

the days grow cold.

Longing for days gone by, days

when we dreamt of growing old.


As the heart wanders, my

heart dreams of you.

Longing for days gone by, days

when our love shone through.


The heart is so fragile, it's

defences so weak.

Longing for a partner, a

soul-mate, so to speak.


My heart is wandering, alone

weeping for you.

Longing for every minute of eternity,my

heart is wandering trying to find you.




The End

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