The heart is a finite resource

Love is a finite resource,

One that, in my case, has just run out,

They drill deeper, hoping they'll find more,

But all is dry beneath a layer of solid stone,

Everything is ending,

Falling apart,

But I have hardened myself to the point of not caring,

I just walk on through the cliffs,

Valiantly battling against my emotions,

Becoming numb as ice,

The way I want to be.


Standing on the edge of the cliff,

Looking down into churning, black waters,

They look inviting,

"Come to us, jump, you'll be free at last!"

They have a point, I know.

Nobody can penetrate the stone over my heart,

I have nothing to live for,

I couldn't care less,

So I jump,

I always wondered what it was like to fly,

The fact I'm plummeting towards my death,

Only makes it all the more enjoyable,

My favourite day was the day I died.

The End

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