The Hardest Goodbye

This piece is the first piece of poetry I've written in nearly a decade. I saw it as a poem that could possibly turn into a song.. lol the dreamer I am.

Looking back at the years of my life,
I've been able to say goodbye so many times before.
Been able to accept and know when to close the door,
But every time it comes to you..
Ohhh when it came to you.
My defenses were broken,
They were shattered and unspoken.

I've never had enough willpower,
Never had the heart,
I've just never been been strong enough.
Ohhhh when it comes to you,
Baby when it came to you.

Struggling to let you go,
Instead I've held you deep in my heart,
Kept ya close to my soul.
Everlasting memories of you.
Keep telling myself I have to break these chains,
That bind me to you.
Dreaming dreams that will never come true,
But baby...
Ohhh baby..
You are the hardest goodbye,
That a girl will ever have to say.
Watching as you go your own way.

I could never speak the words..
Spent years searching for you,
The one that held my heart.
I tried to tell myself that you were the last person I ever wanted to see,
Baby you were everything to lil' ol me.
You were that diamond in the rough,
The one that every little girl dreams of.
And now years later, you're still the only one I want next to me.

Gotta let go,
I don't want to...
Gotta break free...
I can't do it....
Don't make me say these words...
I'm not strong enough,
Praying for a miracle beneath these stars,
I need you to know,
What you mean to me,
Baby you are to me,
The hardest goodbye.

© May 24, 2010

The End

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