The hardest confession

ok so you really want to know?

My dad is a monster.

Ha i think as you sit with your chin
on the floor.. not sure how to react,

ha serves you right for insisting
i told you... for saying you cared..
that nothing could scare you
away... you were wrong i was right...
and i know that it's bad...
but i can't help but smile
at your shock and delusion
that these things don't happen
in your world of nice things
they do.. and i'm sorry i told you...
but you asked... yes YOU ASKED..
and you asked and you asked and you wouldn't let go..
so i told you ..and now you don't want to know

so goodbye and i guess that i'll see you around..
but i know that i won't that you'll go underground..
and hide from the horror that is in my life...
and i know how you feel as i twist in the knife
a bit more.. give you all the juicy details

is this what you wanted when you said to talk?.
but i know that it's me thats all angry and blue..
and i know that i'm not being fair towards you..
do you see why i kept it all locked in my head..
because now you just want to hide under your bed

but i've told you so now i will walk away crying..
not due to him -'cause our freindship is dying.

a secret it was now you know but don't want to..
i can't take it back.. so i'm sorry i've lost you..
but goodbye and adieu i will see you around..
and goodbye i keep saying as i sink underground...

The End

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