The Happiest Teen in the World

You never know what life will throw,

One second all's dandy, the next a blow,

It won't happen to me, we all say,

We push the bad thoughts away,

Everything was tranquil,

For the happiest teen in the world,


I woke up, barely dressed,

About to wear my best,

Ring ring it's for me,

At this hour, what could it be?

There's been an accident,

His mom didn't make it


The happiest teen in the world,

His world whirled and I felt like I wanted to...

We have to go to him,

See how he's doing,

That constant smile was still there,

Drenched in the tears, I couldn't bear,


You guys get to miss school, don't you?

That's pretty coo,

A statement that drove us outside,

We cried,

The happiest teen in the world,

And we couldn't be in his presence,


The funeral had hundreds maybe more,

Almost all his friends, our hearts tore,

The only time he's ever cried,

His eyes had dried,

With all the pain,

His soul slain,

He still is the happiest man in the world,

The End

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