The halves of our last conversation

I was inspired to write this poem by Richard Siken, because his poems often sound like a collection of the words of one side of a conversation so I thought okay, let's do only one side of a conversation.
This is the last facebook messages I sent someone when they had really hurt me and our relationship was breaking down. I thought I'd never speak to them again, but actually we're speaking now, but this poem shows a little bit of how a relationship has to change to move forwards.

because I miss you, don't you get that?

You know what? Get out of my life

I don't want to speak to you ever again. 

Do you know how to block people on your phone?

Oh so youll happily say sorry for that

"no skin of your nose". Because of course the loss of our relationship is worthless.

Because Im worthless arent i


Only look at my words. 

Because yours' sting too much.

The End

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