Girl 7Mature

The seventh time Billy fell in love, he was sure it was real

This time it was real

It had to be


And she had long black hair and deep dark eyes

And she laughed a lot

And she sang ok

Just ok


Her name was strange

And she liked the same things Billy liked

Like Japan and video games

And cooked really well


And until he was sure, Billy decided to be her friend

And he walked her to her mom’s car

And he waited for her to leave

Waving from the curb

With a smile on his face


And one day before the biology exam

He asked her to be his girlfriend

And she said “Let me think about it”

And it was a Friday

Billy didn’t sleep for three days


She didn’t say anything until Monday

On Monday, she said yes

And Billy was happy

And he hugged her

And they didn’t kiss


Billy had heard about kisses

In summer camp he had kissed a girl

In a game of spin the bottle

It was a very ugly girl


She never laughed

Her eyes were not pretty or big

And she spent her time telling people what to do

Billy really wanted to kiss someone else

But didn’t


So Billy and his girlfriend, they started dating

And they went out to the movies

And they didn’t kiss inside the theater

And they went together to coffee houses

And held hands


Once at a friend’s house

They were alone in the garden

And Billy knew they were very much in love with each other

And he asked if he could kiss her

And she said yes

And they kissed

They had been dating for three months


They were in a band together

He played the bass and she sang

She sang ok

Just ok


And she had long black hair and deep dark eyes

And she laughed a lot

Really, she laughed quite a lot

Maybe more than Billy would have liked


She would bake him cookies sometimes

And sometimes she would shout at him

And treat him really badly

And order him around

She ordered him around quite a lot

Maybe more than Billy would have liked


And he fell out of love with her

He knew he had

He had to break up with her

And didn’t know how


He was a very nice young man

Maybe too nice for his own good

And he did not want to break a heart

They had been dating for six months


They finished high school and started college

He studied computers, she studied law

And Billy could not take it anymore


They fought every week

For increasingly dumb,

Sometimes non-existent reasons


One day, Billy had to put a stop to it

And he broke up with her

She cried in front of him, and he did not

He cried in another room, alone

They had been dating for a year and seven months

The End

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