Girls 2-6Mature

The second to sixth time Billy fell in love, it wasn’t real

He thought he could get a girlfriend easy

If he only asked

He was wrong


So he asked and he asked and he asked

To many many girls

More girls than Billy cared to admit

Way more than he wanted to remember


Some of them were blondes

Some were brunettes

Some were really pretty

Some of them not that much


All of them said “no”

Some of them said “maybe”

And then said “no”

And Billy never cried

And he was never really sad

Because he did not really like any of them that much

And if they had said “yes”

He wouldn’t have known what to do

With a girlfriend


And so after the fifth rejection

He decided he was not falling in love


Until he knew it was actually love

Or at least until he really liked someone

Then he moved away again

And it happened

The End

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