Girl OneMature

A poem about dating.

The first time Billy fell in love, he didn’t know about it

He was young and easily impressionable

She was young and very pretty

And when she laughed, Billy felt like his life was taken away

Little by little

Every time she laughed

Her eyes were big and she smiled pretty often

And they were both very, very young

How young?

About ten years old


Her hair was black most days

Some days it was dark brown

And Billy used to stare at her for long hours

Since by this age he still wasn’t aware

That it’s rude to stare


One day the girl asked another girl

To ask Billy if he wanted to be her boyfriend

Billy did not know what this meant

Should he say yes?

Should he say no?

So he did what his heart told him

He said no


But the girl insisted

This very young girl with big eyes

Who didn’t know what she wanted

She insisted

Until Billy said yes


And sometimes the girl came over

And sometimes Billy went over

And they told each other jokes

And swam in the pool


And they never kissed

And never really held hands

And they were never really dating

And they never really broke up

Because they were ten


Then Billy moved away

And never saw her again

The End

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