The Ground that Supported me

My biggest fear, is

that in the days to come,

we won't speak a single word

no more, that we'd be as distant

as two planets separated by their

magnetic fields,

a distance that cannot be overcome,

and as closer I get

the further you'll get.

Our satellites will never touch,

and from here, I will only see

the light you reflect,

but then it'll fade out

to the corners of the galaxy, where,

it will never be seen again.


Not even the smallest beam of light comes

in contact with me,

Those are the nights that

your star disappears,

But the other nights I look up

to the sky, and wonder,

If I will ever get to stand upon your earth,

the way it used to be; my ground,

the land that you offered me to stand on,

to walk on, to fall on,

every time I would break a part.

This is the planet on which I

was brought up, as a child;

your planet.


But as one grows up,

one drifts away, one finds a better land

to harvest on, I found a better terrene,

and took off from your support.

But yet I miss the solid terrain,

that held my strongest hopes,

my cherished childhood with you.

Maybe I won't be able to survive

on my own, on a foreigner's land,

and before I even realise

that this hasn't happened yet,

I feel alienated, and strange to you.

Then, every time you leave me alone,

my biggest fear will remind me

of my irrevocably fragile state,

of not having your shoulders

to carry me through the lonely.

The End

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