The Great Star Traveler

You took off from the earth, a beautiful silhouette
And I followed
Led through the greatest treasures
My most secret thoughts
And without a word I knew
And without a word
I knew

Beams across nebulas
Darting from my fingertips
And you glow so bright tonight
That I can’t imagine you anywhere else but the sky
All these moments will be lost to time
But throughout time
These moments were always mine

No strangers to a motionless breeze
Bottles of dust, and on this endless flight
My only wish is that one day
I will be another great star traveler
And I can only hope the answers
Will come to me in this celestial slumber
Don’t let me float astray, pious lover

You are a storm, but I rest in you still
And you rest in me, when sleep comes
Swiftly cross the night, stellar worlds will dance
Luminescent and mysterious remains the distant star
With a soul so very strong even death dare not harm
For the existence itself exceeds the sum of its parts
Much in the likeness of your ethereal heart.

The End

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